Neurology of Power: Wellness in a Pandemic

EPISODE 3 Neurology of Power: Wellness in a Pandemic | Suzanne Alleyne, Dr Joy Jones, Dr Jerome Lubbe, Tim Rittman

For episode 3, Normal? Conversations collaborates with cultural thinker, Suzanne Alleyne’s Neurology of Power project. The Wellness in a Pandemic” conversation, is not only a talk under “Neurology of Power presents”, but was recorded live as part of the What Next? UK-wide discussions in January 2021. The speakers first got together to chat at a Normal? Festival event back in October 2020. Suzanne speaks with LA-based physician in family medicine Dr. Joy Jones, functional neurologist Dr. Jerome Lubbe from Atlanta, and, more locally, our festival neurologist & neuroscientist Tim Rittman. This is a conversation which talks about how your brain may be acting within these times we’re living through together – backed up by science & tips. So if you’ve been feeling a bit weird lately, take a listen, and know you’re not alone in this.

Hosts: Ray Carter, Olivia Franklin
Music: Anil Sebastian