What Is All About Power?

We are a resource hub for those who seek to understand more about power; what it is, how it works & how power dynamics influence every aspect of human life.

What We Do

We ask big questions; What is power? Does it reside within the body and brain? Does having more or less power change us physiologically? How does it influence how our political, social & cultural systems are organized?  How does it effect our individual experience? What can we learn from marginalized communities when re-considering power structures within organizational settings?

Realized through pioneering projects such as Neurology Of Power, we have a collaborative & multidisciplinary approach to the study of power. Allaboutpower.org brings our findings together in one place, for you to explore.

Why We Do What We Do

Our work is driven by a desire to understand the true nature of power & how it works.  By harnessing & utilizing its assets, we seek to facilitate positive, meaningful & lasting cultural change. We dig deep & are unearthing groundbreaking possibilities for fresher, more equitable social systems that reflect human diversity whilst facilitating true individual and collective empowerment.

Who Is Behind All About Power?

Suzanne Alleyne is a Cultural Thinker working at the intersection of academic research, business, art and culture. She has a particular focus on the way power permeates our lives and what this means for creating more equitable spaces and partnerships in the systems that we reside.

Suzanne is an inaugural 2016 Arts Council England Changemaker, a visiting Research Associate and guest lecturer at King’s College London, Brand Ambassador for Achates Philanthropy and an RSA, DEMOS and 2020 Churchill Fellow.