NOP and What Next? Wandsworth

Suzanne has been part of the What Next? steering group since 2019. On the 18th October, Suzanne delivered a 15 minute talk for What Next? Wandsworth about some of the things she has learnt from her project, Neurology of Power, and how it can be applied practically. Below, we have shared this talk with you,…

A year since Can We Talk About Power? – A peek at the talks

It’s been just over a year since Can We Talk About Power?, the online series Suzanne created in partnership with The Barbican, all about educating, challenging and reflecting on the power of Power.  A clip that we frequently return back to in our work is one with Dr Lisa Feldman-Barrett, an amazing Neuroscientist, Psychologist and…

Suzanne on The Scene with Jacqueline Shepherd, BBC Radio London

Throwback to Suzanne’s chat about Power on the radio with Jacqueline Shepherd on Wed 22 Sep 2021. Listen to Suzanne and Jacqueline talk about daily power dynamics, in relationships. Who holds the power in most of your relationships? How does that affect you? …. And if you like this short segment then you can watch…

How Power Affects Wellbeing and What That Means for Policy

In a collaboration with Demos and What Works Wellbeing, Suzanne’s thought piece ‘The Science of Power in the Body’ analyses neuroscientists’ understanding of how power affects the brain and why we need to shift the power to those who are without it.

The Science of Power in the Body

In an opinion piece for The Guardian, and as a Research Fellow at DEMOS, Suzanne discusses the ways in which  power affects the brain, and scientists’ understanding of the neurological link between empathy and power. 

Look out for the full think piece on the Demos and What Works Wellbeing websites.

Whose Truth Whose Power

A new podcast exploring power, leadership and change through indigenous and First Nation perspectives

Case In Point

For Achates Live, at Achates Philanthropy Foundation – 06/20

Neurology of Power

With Suzanne Alleyne and Joy Jones for Department of Dreams Re Festival – 11/21