NOP and What Next? Wandsworth

Suzanne has been part of the What Next? steering group since 2019. On the 18th October, Suzanne delivered a 15 minute talk for What Next? Wandsworth about some of the things she has learnt from her project, Neurology of Power, and how it can be applied practically.

Below, we have shared this talk with you, with an introduction from the Chair of What Next? Wandsworth, Elizabeth Lynch MBE.

What Next? Wandsworth Chapter was pleased to have Suzanne Alleyne talk about her research on the Neurology of Power at our monthly online meeting 18 October 2022. Using slides to highlight key facts and useful quotes, Suzanne gave us a snapshot of the scientific research about power and the brain, animated by references to her own neurodiversity and lived experience and anchoring her narrative in its relevance to the arts sector. The ensuing Q&A resulted in a conversation (not recorded) that enabled us to take a deep dive into some difficult subjects. A key ‘take-away’ was about the need  for all of us to be able to sit with discomfort if we want to engage our neuro-plasticity and change our behaviour and thinking about power.

– Elizabeth Lynch MBE, Chair What Next? Wandsworth